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Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is used to remove any dark spots like age spots, freckles, and other skin discolouration.



Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is a prescription medication. This medicine is used in the treatment of melasma. It works by removing the dark spots, redness, swelling, and other symptoms of melasma. It also provides nutrition to the skin.

Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is advised for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration advised by your doctor. Apply it only on the affected areas of the skin. If you miss a dose, apply it as soon as you remember. In case of accidental contact with mouth, eyes, or inside of the nose, rinse it with plenty of water. Before using this medicine, it is important to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is advised to avoid exposure to sunlight while on this treatment.

Reviews (59)

59 reviews for KAYLITE ANTI MARKS CREAM (2 Tubes)

  1. Harshi

    Recently I purchased this kaylite products and kaylite cream is love it I have lessen the face problem.

  2. Admin

    Buy kaylite face cream products related to best dark spot remover products and see what customers. Skin lightening serum with Skin Whitening & Brightening Beauty Care Cream I received the black one of these with a case that I had ordered.

  3. k w

    Very quick result kaylite cream. wow.

  4. Rajesh Sahoo

    kaylite face cream super product nice offers

  5. R K (verified owner)

    What are the instructions for the storage and disposal of Kaylite?

    Keep this medicine in the packet or the container it came in, tightly closed. Store it according to the instructions mentioned on the pack or label. Dispose of the unused medicine. Make sure it is not consumed by pets, children and other people.

  6. Amarjeet Singh (verified owner)

    Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is a prescription medicine having a combination of medicines that is used to treat melasma. It helps in quick skin renewal. It provides relief from redness, swelling and itching.

    Kaylite Anti Marks Cream should be used in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Wash your hands before using this medicine. It is advised to check the label for directions before use. It is for external use only.

    Do not use this medicine more than the recommended dose. Inform your doctor if you have known allergies from this medicine. The common side effects of this medicine include burning, irritation, itchiness, and redness at the application site.

    If these side effects or any other symptoms which you think are because of this medicine persist for a longer duration, please consult your doctor. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or are suffering from any other disease. This medicine is not safe to use in breastfeeding mothers.

    Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them
    Common side effects of Kaylite
    Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness)
    This medicine is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and apply the cream. Wash your hands after applying, unless hands are the affected area.

    Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is a combination of three medicines: Hydroquinone, Mometasone and Tretinoin, which treats melasma (dark spots on skin). Hydroquinone is a skin lightening medicine. It reduces the amount of a skin pigment (melanin) that causes darkening of skin. This effect is reversible. Mometasone is a steroid which blocks the production of certain chemical messengers (prostaglandins) that make the skin red, swollen and itchy. Tretinoin is a form of vitamin A that helps the skin to renew itself more quickly.

    Quick Tips
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    Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is used for the short-term treatment of mild to moderate melasma.
    It helps reduce scars, marks, blemishes, and dark circles under the eyes.
    It should always be used along with sun-avoidance measures, like using sunscreens and wearing protective clothing.
    Apply and massage gently till the cream is fully absorbed, once daily at night.
    Initial improvement may be seen in just 2 weeks, full results generally appear after 2-3 months of regular use.
    Do not apply on broken or infected areas of skin. Discontinue use if you experience irritation or allergy and consult your doctor.
    Do not use it for longer than 6-8 weeks without consulting your doctor.

  7. U Singh

    How to use Kaylite?

    Follow the directions given by the doctor. Apply the medicine thinly and in sufficient quantity to cover the affected areas. Kaylite is usually applied two or three times a day to the affected areas of skin.

    Q. Will Kaylite be more effective if taken more than prescribed?

    No, Kaylite will not be more effective if overused. Overusing the medicine can result in too much medicine being absorbed into the body. This may lead to thinning or weakening of the skin and other serious side effects. If you are experiencing increased severity of your symptoms, please consult your doctor for re-evaluation.

  8. Admin

    Ques: What is Kaylite Anti Marks Cream?
    Ans: This drug is used to reduce the colour of skin and remove any dark spots like age spots, freckles, etc.
    Ques: How long do I need to use Kaylite Anti Marks Cream before I see improvement in my condition?
    Ans: In most of the cases, the average time taken by this medication to reach its peak effect is around 1 day to 1 week. Please consult your doctor for the time period you need to use this medication.
    Ques: At what frequency do I need to use Kaylite Anti Marks Cream?
    Ans: This medication is generally used once or twice a day. It is advised to consult your doctor before the usage, as the frequency also depends on the patient’s condition.
    Ques: Should I use Kaylite Anti Marks Cream empty stomach, before food or after food?
    Ans: This medication is advised to be consumed orally. If you take it on an empty stomach, it might upset the stomach. Please consult the doctor before using it.
    Ques: What are the instructions for the storage and disposal of Kaylite Anti Marks Cream?
    Ans: It should be stored at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

  9. Admin

    Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is used to reduce the colour of skin and remove any dark spots like age spots, freckles, and other skin discolouration associated with skin trauma, pregnancy, birth control pills, eczema or hormone replacement therapy.

    This drug acts as a skin-bleaching agent and works by inhibiting an enzyme reaction in the applied skin cells. Side effects include skin redness, burning sensation of the skin, blistering, skin dryness, etc.

    Before using this medicine, discuss with your doctor your medical history, especially if you have asthma, other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Do not use the medicine if you have had allergic reactions to it.

    It is recommended to apply this medicine to the affected areas of skin, generally twice every day or as directed by your doctor. Avoid its contact with your eyes, nose or mouth. Avoid tanning booths, prolonged sun exposure and sunlamps. Use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it.

    Information given here is based on the salt content of the medicine. Uses and effects of the medicine may vary from person to person. It is advisable to consult a Dermatologist before using this medicine.

  10. Umesh Sahoo

    It is nice face cream without any artificial smell I can use this in night cream. It is good thing for me. you can purchase online cream.

  11. Manoj jha (verified owner)

    Seriously i used lots of products but.this one is my favorite kaylite products..it was help me to fade out my dark spots …trust me use it once

  12. Hema Kumari (verified owner)

    Very nice product highly recommend

  13. Indu kumari singh (verified owner)

    Kaylite cream is very good results. From last six months I am using this face cream in night cream. It has make my skin clear and smooth and even. this is favorite cream

  14. kumari vandana

    Nice and effective facing kaylite cream. it is gives soft and glowing skin.reduces pigmentation.

  15. mona kumari

    Its a very good cream for daily basis used to you . I have used 2 pack of this and ordered the 3 i am using with this kaylite cream very nice. It has reduced my acne scars and make my face tone even and a natural healthy glowing skin.

  16. vavita kumari

    Its is a good products! I can see the change on my skin, it reduces the blemishes and lightens the skin tone. any one using for products

  17. sheela kumari

    Its really very good to use kaylite cream. It gives a fair and radiant skin & also lighten the hyperpigmentation. Must try!

  18. soni kumari

    I am using this twice a day followed by moisturizing cream say day or night.and the results are mesmerising .

  19. soni kumari

    it is useing to night cream, I found this cream worked best when worn AT NIGHT ONLY.

  20. kumari

    Skin looks visibly younger in 2 weeks and fades the appearance of dark spots and discolorations in just 8 weeks

  21. Ranjan kumari

    Agreed.working very fast!!

  22. Rohan

    i am using this cream from last 3 month at regular bases now my skin is good.

  23. Kirti

    I’m 28 and have age spots on my hands and a few on my face. If you use it everyday consistently it will remove all spots.

  24. Manisha

    product is very good to use for specially skin.

  25. Akansha

    awesome cream for skin brightness,,,

  26. Ruchika janghid

    I will always repurchase this cream, it’s one of the best one I’ve used and really does fade marks from blemishes with continued use.

  27. Sujita

    my skin is looking dull I swipe this over my face and it leaves my skin glowing!

  28. Renu

    I tried this initially in the small bottle just to see how it worked and I’m so glad I tried it. I am so in love.

  29. Arju seth

    I’ve been using this for about a week and can notice a difference already. I apply it every night and when I wake up my skin tone looks more even and dark spots look faded.

  30. Moushin

    This was my second time purchasing this, because it’s not a must have in my skin regime. Totally changed my skin from being dull

  31. Ryan dull

    Totally changed my skin for the better!


    Since using this cream, most of my scars have begun to fade. My face used to be red and looked inflamed.


    This is the best product i have ever used for skin type and tone.

  34. Amit Sharma

    I have problematic skin and I’ve had a very hard time clearing it. This has literally changed the way my skin feels! I didn’t even know I had bumps and spots in some places until this toner cleared them up! In less than a week, I might add!


    This has done wonders to my face ! Absolutely love it.

  36. sudanshu mittal

    bhut achha cream h m regular base pe use kr rha hu

  37. Danny

    This is great! Cleanses my face well. I have noticed much difference in dark spot improvement..

  38. Tenuja

    I’ve heard about this from my sister and i was so reluctant to try if because it’s kind of expensive.

  39. seikh

    Best thing ever

  40. Daniel

    I was introduced to this by a friend. I have tried numerous products to lighten or rid of my dark spots and this is the only product that I have found that has made a difference.

  41. Rozi Morn

    I have recently purchased my 3rd packs. It has helped my skin so much. I would recommend to anyone who needs to improve scaring redness etc!

  42. Ram singh

    best quality and good , m ese hi use krta hu or ab meri skin m bhut difference hai

  43. Gremn

    I tried this 3 days ago because i gain some bumps on my cheeks and also i have alot of acne marks i trued to use this at night and what happened in the morning is that it improves my skin especially the part that have a rough bumps!

  44. Mousam ali

    I use this every night. I had probe skin with scars and all that. This changed my skin in a week! I love this . My skin is so clean now . It is a very good product. I use this every night and in the day time i use something without aha. I recomand this xxxx

  45. Tarannum khan

    Fantastic, I was seeing results right away in how my skin is.

  46. sona rani

    very nice product mometasone furoate cream for dark spots

  47. abdul

    very nice cream

  48. Nitesh

    Amazing Product!.
    Its working perfectly , we see the changes with in 1 week.

  49. nitish

    Really good all the marks are gone within one week nice results don’t use it if irritation occurs it may leave reddish blemishes if continued..

  50. papu kumar

    My order is very nice

  51. mohan

    This is the only face cream that suits me. It helps to reduce pimples and keep face clear with anti marks cream. Applying before going to sleep gives best results for clearing pimples and adds more glow to the skin.

  52. Sohan

    यह एकमात्र फेस क्रीम है जो मुझे सूट करती है। यह पिंपल्स को कम करने और एंटी मार्क्स क्रीम से चेहरा साफ रखने में मदद करता है। सोने जाने से पहले लगाने से पिंपल्स साफ़ करने का सबसे अच्छा परिणाम मिलता है और त्वचा में और अधिक चमक आ जाती है।

  53. rohan sharma

    Low price .. presentation and value for money..

  54. ankit

    This cream is awesome i am using this from last two weeks an am very much satisfied by this cream and am suggesting every one who is searching good night cream must try this cream. ..it is super awesome

  55. latifa

    wow …it’s very good product..if your skin need more moisture..you must go for it…I love it. https://www.kaylite.com/product/kaylite-anti-marks-cream-5-tubes/

  56. monika

    very nice cream my skin is glowing

  57. Agarwal

    This product is really the best.. it’s feel very soft and fresh after applying .. must suggest to purchase it

  58. arun kumar

    Kaylite Anti Marks Cream is used to remove any dark spots like age spots, freckles, and other skin dis coloration.


  59. Halima khan

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